COVID -19 Updates


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Mazzola Dentistry would like to welcome all of our patients, new or current and provide the latest information regarding COVID-19 Delta Variant Virus procedures within our office. 

As health care providers we would like all of you to know that we follow the CDC guidelines for surface, environmental, and facility cleanliness and sterilization to prevent the transmission any illness or disease.

Patients are not required to wear masks in the office any longer but are more than welcome to. Our staff will continue to be required to wear masks. Our reception area is open for relaxation while waiting for your appointment with social distancing.  We also provide an outside bench if you feel more comfortable and the weather is conducive.

The staff will show you to the areas you need to visit with your safety in mind.

If you have any questions about COVID -19 Delta Variant Virus protocols please do not hesitate contact us with your questions.

Thank you, 

Dr. Joseph Mazzola

Joseph Mazzola Family Dentistry


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